Search candidate using keywords and filters

  1. From SiVA Recruitment Centre dashboard, click screen-shot-2018-05-23-at-6-44-10-pm or use the shortcut link to access Talent Search page.
  2. In the search bar, type in position title, skills or keywords of your search.’s list of auto suggestion will appear as you type in.


    A company specializing in nanotechnology cooling systems was looking for a Sales Engineer who also has technical knowledge on computer-aided design (CAD).

    • Position title: sales
    • Skill: mechanical engineering
    • Keyword: CAD


  1. Click Search.
  1. Your search results will be shown in card format with quick info about the candidate. Most relevant candidates will always be shown first.


    1. Current position title and employer
    2. Previous position title and employer
    3. Expected salary
    4. Certificate of qualification
  1. Use filters on the left to refine your search results. Click add to add on your preferred criteria.


    • Country of Nationality: Candidate’s country nationality.
    • Location: Candidate’s preferred work location.
    • Industry: Candidate’s employer industry.
    • Salary: Candidate’s expected salary.
    • Language: Candidate’s language ability.
    • Years of Experience: Candidate’s total years of experience.
    • Specialisation: Candidate’s job specialisation.
    • Education: Candidate’s education.
    • Field of Study: Candidate’s field of study.
  1. You can also click on a candidate’s card to expand their full resume details.
  1. Click RETRIEVE RESUME at the top right of the resume to get candidate’s contact details.
  1. Check your credit consumption and click Confirm.

The resume retrieved will now be stored in the Retrieved Resumes folder. We recommend you to schedule an interview with the candidate using our INVITE feature.

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