Repost Job Ad

  1. From SiVA Recruitment Centre dashboard, click?icon-job-ad-posting1 or use the shortcut link to access your Job Ads listing page.
  2. Choose the Job Ad you wish to repost, and click REPOST.
  3. Edit the Job Ad if you wish to.
  4. Click icon-job-ad-posting3 at the top-right.
  5. Check and confirm your Job Ad details. Click icon for further edit.
  6. Click icon-job-ad-posting4 at the top-right.
  7. Check your Job Ad credit consumption details. Click icon-job-ad-posting5 to repost.
  8. Once your Job Ad is successfully posted, you will see confirmation page like below. Click icon-job-ad-posting6 to view our potential candidates recommended for you.


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