Create and post a Job Ad

  1. From SiVA Recruitment Centre dashboard, click icon-job-ad-posting1 to access your Job Ad listing page.


  2. Click icon-job-ad-posting2 to start compose your Job Ad.


  3. Fill in Part 1: Job Details.

    • Position Title: Free text field to type in your position title.
    • Employment Type: Choose from the dropdown menu.
    • Position Level: Choose from the dropdown menu.
    • Job Specialization: Choose from the dropdown menu or type in to search.
    • Work Location: Choose the work location for your job vacancy.
    • Monthly Salary: Set the monthly budget range for your job vacancy. The average salary suggestion for similar positions will appear for your better reference based on the job details provided.
  4. Fill in Part 2: Job Requirements.

    • Education Level: Choose from the dropdown menu.
    • Field of Studies: Choose from the dropdown menu or type in to search.
    • Year(s) of Experience: Choose from the dropdown menu.
    • Skills: Free text field to type in the required skill set for your job vacancy. List of auto suggestion will appear as you type in your search.
    • Language: Click + Language if you would like to add on required language for your job vacancy.
  5. Fill in Part 3: Job Description.

    Use simple language in organized structure to provide a clear job roles and responsibilities, as well as necessary requirements in terms of qualifications, experience and specific skills needed by the person in the job.

  6. Set up 5 questions with preferred answers in your Job Ad to quickly shortlist relevant candidates faster. The questions and answers will be dynamically recommended to you once you input the position title, job role, job specialization and work location. Learn more.

    Note: Your questions and answers can’t be changed after you posted the Job Ad.


  7. Use your Standout Listing credits (if any) to make your Job Ad more visible among the thousands of jobs in our job listing to candidates with 3 additional selling points, a logo and color frame. See example below for how your Job Ad will be shown to candidates when they searching jobs from


  8. Click icon-job-ad-posting3 at the top-right to review your drafted Job Ad before post.
  9. Check your Job Ad details. Click icon if you wish to edit.
  10. Click icon-job-ad-posting4 at the top-right.
  11. Check your Job Ad credit consumption details. Click icon-job-ad-posting5 to post.
  12. Once your Job Ad is successfully posted, you will see confirmation page like below. Click icon-job-ad-posting6 to view our potential candidates recommended for you.


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