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    Header Image and Logo Icon | JobStreet Employer PH Header images & logo

    A customized header banner allows your brand to stand out and make an immediate impression.

    Header Image Company Profile | JobStreet Employer PH
    Here are a few tips on how to make the most of it
    Do's Icon | JobStreet Employer PH Do's
    1. Be consistent with company’s brand image.
    2. Provide a summary of the industry.
    3. Showcase what a company is proud of.
    4. Highlight products associated with the company.
    5. Get an overview of its mission and vision.
    Header Image Panel Icon | JobStreet PH Don'ts
    1. Use images that are not related to the company.
    2. Use low resolution, grainy and unclear images.
    Dont Use Low Quality Image Unrelevant Image | JobStreet Employer PH
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