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    What really attracts Filipino candidates

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    Laws of Attraction

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    Do you really know what Filipino candidates want?

    Attracting top talent isn’t just about the salary. You need to understand all the forces that attract people to a role, and what it takes to keep them there.

    With more than 20 years dedication to the Philippine market, JobStreet.com commissioned KANTAR, the world’s leading research agency, to conduct a comprehensive study of more than 18,000 Filipino candidates across 25 industries, 17 specializations, generations, gender, experience levels, work type, location, and more.

    Through Laws of Attraction, you will be able to:

    • Design a hiring plan specific to your industry, backed by data
    • Improve job ad effectiveness with inclusions that resonate to your market
    • Justify key decisions for better stakeholder management
    • Compare between industries to counter competitors
    • Get insights to support workplace diversity in gender and generations
    • Know what attracts employees in certain locations

    These and a lot more insights from 14,000+ unique data combinations all in one portal.

    Read more about the research.

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